Become A Highly Paid Business Coach

As A Fully Licensed Profit Coach & Business Coach Academy Certified Partner

Enjoy The Fulfilling Rewards Of Helping Businesses Grow
Achieve True Financial Security & Freedom You Deserve
Build A Scaleable, Highly Profitable & Low Risk Business

It's A Ready Made Proven Business

Leverage Your Existing Knowledge & Experience

The Certified Partner Programme enables capable professionals to become highly paid business coaches, fast. As it gives you all the frameworks and collateral you need to deliver real value and retain high-value clients for many years to come.

Escape The 9-5 Corporate World

Being a certified Profit Coach puts you in full of control of when you work, where you work & who you work with. Helping clients who happily pay you the high fees you deserve for your experience gained over your career combined with the P.R.O.F.I.T System.

Feel Good About Yourself & Your Work

Build a +$10,000 a month business with just a handful of clients each paying you $1,000-$5,000 per month because you’re helping their business grow. Enabling them to employ more people, serve more clients and put money back into the economy.


How To Become A Profit Coach Certified Partner

Watch Partner Info Session

Apply & Attend Interview

Complete Training & Build Your Business


What People Are Saying About The Partner Programme

£0 To £10,000/Month In 35 Days

£2,000/month client in 7 days

£6 million Client In Just A Few Days

How Many Clients Would You Need To Be Free?

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Who should become a BCA Certified Partner?

Looking for a career change?

Capable business professionals with managerial, sales or operations experience who are looking for a more exciting challenge that enables them to feel valued for the work they do and enjoy all the benefits of a flexible and highly rewarding lifestyle.

Bored of playing golf?

Business owners and directors who have sold their companies but are now missing the “game of business” and would love to share their knowledge with like-minded people. Without having all the responsibility of actually being responsible for the business.

Already a coach?

Existing coaches who are not getting the results they want because they don’t have a proven system to get clients, a comprehensive framework for delivering value to their clients or the support they need to rapidly scale their business.


As Proven As A Franchise, As Flexible As Your Own Business

Regardless of why you want to start a rewarding career as a full or part-time Profit Coach, the opportunity ahead of you is HUGE.

The coaching industry is estimated to be worth over $15B and it’s growing rapidly.  These days more and more business owners are waking up to the fact they need help, support and guidance. Especially in these uncertain, complex and ever-changing times.

Which is why NOW is the perfect opportunity to combine your industry knowledge, skills and experience with our World Class Training and Licensed P.R.O.F.I.T System, to become a highly sought after Profit Coach.

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Being a Certified Profit Coach enables you need to lead a more fulfilled and impact-driven life. Helping businesses to be more profitable, recruit more staff and serve more clients; ultimately boosting the economy.

More than that, the financial security that comes with this opportunity enables you to live the life of your dreams. You will have the freedom to have more fun, spend time with your family or do the hobbies you enjoy – as well as pay off any debts and build a significant wealth fund.

When you join our growing community of Certified Profit Coaches, we will give you everything you need to gain and serve your first paying client in just 60 days.

The comprehensive training covers everything from mindset through to how you get clients. We train you on exactly how to coach them, what questions to ask and the easy-to-follow frameworks to implement to get the results they want. You will gain all the knowledge you need to become a certified business coach.

Our continuously updated P.R.O.F.I.T System means you don’t have to spend any time developing your own systems. Instead, our proven materials will make you look highly professional and make it easy to deliver value to clients without you having to do anything because they do the work.

The active and supportive community gives you a place to ask questions and be motivated by seeing everyone else progress through the training and quickly bring in new clients.

Our reputation is important to us and we are extremely proud of the Profit Coach Community and the impact that our certified coaches are having on the businesses they are helping.

Which is why we don’t just let anyone into the programme.

We only invite the most capable professionals to join us on our mission. We aim to empower entrepreneurs worldwide so that economies can prosper, families can avoid the stress of failure and business owners can thrive rather than just survive.

To find out more and see if you could be a suitable partner to join the growing community, apply for an interview today…



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